Reasons To Sponsor A Child In The U.S.

27 July 2020
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When you think about sponsoring a child in need, there's a good chance that you imagine a scenario in which you're sending money to someone in a developing country. Doing so will help to give a child a helping hand in the face of challenging circumstances, but your money doesn't necessarily have to leave the United States. If you're interested, there are many registered organizations that allow you to sponsor children in this country. The unfortunate fact is that many children in the U.S. live in poverty and need help. Here are some reasons that you might opt to sponsor a child who lives in the U.S., rather than abroad.

There's Pride In Helping One Of Your Own

There's no question that it's thoughtful to help a child in a developing country. Many of these children struggle with access to nutritious food, education, and healthcare, and your money can go a long way. However, some people may find that they feel a certain sense of pride from helping their fellow Americans. For example, when you donate to any sort of charity, you might look for a local one, rather than a national one — with the rationale that you should help people in your own community before you help others. A similar sentiment can hold true for sponsoring a child, which may compel you to help someone domestically.

It's Easier To Visit The Child

Some people who choose to sponsor a child want to eventually meet the child. This can be an emotional visit, as the child will be grateful for all of your assistance and you'll be touched when you hear how your financial contributions have benefited the child. While it's certainly possible to travel abroad to visit a child you've sponsored, this can be challenging. Not only can international travel be expensive, but you might not feel safe visiting a developing country. When you sponsor a child in your own country, a future visit will be easier.

Sending Gifts Is Simpler

While your financial contributions are critical to helping the child you're sponsoring, some people like to send small gifts, too. If your sponsorship charity allows this, you may feel that sending gifts to a child in the U.S. is simpler than sending gifts to a different country. Not only will postage be more affordable, but the gift will presumably reach the child quicker, too. Additionally, there's no risk of another country's customs officials opening and inspecting your envelope.